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Detail Vocabulary

Want to understand the terms used in the detail packages? We have you covered, please read below.

3 stage paint correction: 

  • Stage 1: Heavy defects removed by coarse abrasive compounds and pads​

  • Stage 2: Machine polishing with a medium-strong cut compound to eliminate surface defects applied by 1st stage

  • Stage 3: Machine polishing, ultra-soft polish/compound this refining process produces a mirror reflection finish.

Car Clay barred 

  • The use of specialized putty & high-lubricity solutions to carefully remove these bonded contaminants from your paint. 

Paint Decontamination

  • Paint decontamination is the process of removing embedded contaminants such as airborne compounds, brake dust, rail dust, ferrous (iron containing) particles, paint overspray, grit etc. that have become embedded in the paint surface.

Iron Removal

  • Iron removers are cleaning compounds that are specifically designed to target iron contamination in your clear coat. 99% of all the iron particles you find on car bodywork originate from the brakes. The dust from the discs is pure metal, and many brake pads also contain iron.

Swirl mark removed

  • Swirl marks are unsightly micro-marring on the surface of your car's paintwork which can quickly deteriorate over time. They are fine scratches most commonly caused by wiping your car, with a dry towel (typically when it's dusty) or improper washing and detailing techniques. Also, going through automation car washes over time will leave swirl marks.

Trim Restoration

  • Utilizing a commercial grade product that makes plastic appear like new.

Exterior Foam Bath

  • It's an important pre-washing technique that car wash experts and detailers follow to avoid scratches and swirl marks. In this process, a thick layer of foam is applied to the car before cleaning it. The snow foam will remove the light dirt and grime stuck onto the car's exterior.

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