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The McKinney Family

Not only do I have a toddler of my own, but I also have toddler nephews. Needless to say, as they enter and exit my vehicle, various stains began to surface on my seats and crumbs began to fall into unreachable crevices over time. After spending an entire afternoon cleaning, the stains just re-emerged. I reached out to Joy with Harvey’s Detail Connection. She arrived once I got off work and totally transformed my car from the inside out! I was so proud of my car! It looked new again. 

One day I randomly jumped into my wife’s vehicle to move it. I instantly noticed that it had been freshly detailed and it looked amazing. I asked my who did it and she told me it was Joy with Harvey’s Detail Connection.  I scheduled an appointment with her immediately. She arrived to our appointment 5 min early and immediately got to work. My Tahoe was immaculate by the time she was done! Great quality service and she got me ready in time to enjoy the car show on my birthday! 

The McKinney Family


I began utilizing Harveys Detail Connection a few years ago and I have been pleased with the service from the beginning. Joy is extremely thorough in her cleaning. She is also always trying to find ways to perfect her craft to enhance her cleaning and I appreciate that. I have yet to let anyone else clean my vehicle and have no plans on it. Thank you Joy for your services! A busy mom like myself appreciates it

Dr. Shavonda Pannell, Paris, and Jordan

Damali Wilson

Professionalism at its finest!! When Joy detailed my car at my office, she did such an amazing job that one of my tenants had her vehicle detailed as well!

Damali Wilson

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