Who is Joy Harvey

My name is Joy Harvey and I am the proud founder and owner of Harvey's Detail Connection. 

The idea came to me in 2020 when Covid hit. The devastating effects of the pandemic changed so many lives including mine. As a result of the pandemic, I became unemployed. I found myself  cleaning my mom's car or mine everyday just to keep busy and focused. Shortly after, my cousin AJ, who owns several used cars, allowed me to detail some of the vehicles on his lot. In that moment, Harvey's Detail Connection was born. Years later, I am now very passionate about providing my clients with a professional and satisfying experience that leaves their car, van, truck, or SUV beautiful and spotless every time.

The first educational endeavor  I completed outside of high school was at ITT Technical Institute, where I obtained an Associate's Degree in Computer Electronics Engineering. As I continued to focus on growing professionally and strengthening my skillset, I graduated from Northeastern State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, which taught me how to create professional branding, and market myself. Most recently, I've been certified in Detailing and Paint Correction, after completing the Auto Detailing Certification courses at Tulsa Technology Center.

Furthermore, I have more than 20 years of experience in Business 2 Business Sales, Retail Sales, Management, and Customer Service, which helps give me insight in many different areas. I believe experience is the best teacher and I don't intend to ever stop learning because the world and technology are ever-changing. My education and experience contribute largely to the confidence I have in myself and my business, to give my clients an outstanding experience with Harvey's Detail Connection.

 I vow to always take pride in each and every detail. Your Investment is our Priority...Because Every Detail Matters!


Customer Testimonials

The McKinney Family

Not only do I have a toddler of my own, but I also have toddler nephews. Needless to say, as they enter and exit my vehicle, various stains began to surface on my seats and crumbs began to fall into unreachable crevices over time. After spending an entire afternoon cleaning, the stains just re-emerged. I reached out to Joy with Harvey’s Detail Connection. She arrived once I got off work and totally transformed my car from the inside out! I was so proud of my car! It looked new again. 

One day I randomly jumped into my wife’s vehicle to move it. I instantly noticed that it had been freshly detailed and it looked amazing. I asked my who did it and she told me it was Joy with Harvey’s Detail Connection.  I scheduled an appointment with her immediately. She arrived to our appointment 5 min early and immediately got to work. My Tahoe was immaculate by the time she was done! Great quality service and she got me ready in time to enjoy the car show on my birthday! 

The McKinney Family


I began utilizing Harveys Detail Connection a few years ago and I have been pleased with the service from the beginning. Joy is extremely thorough in her cleaning. She is also always trying to find ways to perfect her craft to enhance her cleaning and I appreciate that. I have yet to let anyone else clean my vehicle and have no plans on it. Thank you Joy for your services! A busy mom like myself appreciates it

Dr. Shavonda Pannell, Paris, and Jordan

Damali Wilson

Professionalism at its finest!! When Joy detailed my car at my office, she did such an amazing job that one of my tenants had her vehicle detailed as well!

Damali Wilson


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